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Extra Comfort Elevator Shoes

You can't have too much comfort. That's a fact. Now, by popular demand, GuidoMaggi Luxury Shoes offers you Extra Comfort: footwear designed to pamper your feet while increasing your height. So many clients have requested shoes, boots, etc., that offer an extra measure of comfort (especially when worn all day), that this category became a priority for you, the wearer 

You'll find, in this selection, Wholecut uppers, which make for a perfect fit and, yes, extra comfort. You'll also find slip-ons and other styles that are easy on the eye and definitely easier on your feet, especially if you're on your feet all day. Special attention is paid to the user experience, along with the appearance and construction of this special footwear.

You still get the benefit of 21st Century lift technology, 'memory foam' padding on top of the insoles, and all the other benefits of GuidoMaggi Luxury Elevator Shoes. These extra comfort styles are for those of you who won't settle for less, when it comes to how you feel after wearing your height increasing shoes. Some of these styles have a limit as to how much lift is available, since adding more will decrease the comfort of wearing them. As you read each product description, you'll find out how much lift you can get for each style. 

Take all the time you need to peruse these selections, and find all the ways you can increase your height, in more than comfort: Extra Comfort.

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