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Elevator Shoes for Women

Women typically buy high heels as a fashion statement. The additional boost to their height is nice, too.

For the woman who wants to stand taller without donning high heels, these casual boots are just the thing to give her the benefit of height increase without being too dressy. Perfect for casual wear, they still are made with the same quality and attention to detail as the rest of the GuidoMaggi line.

Note that some of these styles offer zipper access and a lace up front. Which ever style you choose, you get the benefit of full grain Italian leather, sewn-at-sight construction and the most comfortable lift technology in the world.

These boots are perfect for the woman who spends all day on her feet in a casual setting and will complement her wardrobe with style, grace and fashion. Designed with a woman in mind, these are more than just “man boots” in women's sizes: these are beautiful footwear for women.

You can have your cake and eat it, too! GuidoMaggi Women's Boots offer you the same high tech lift as the men's shoes, but with styling and design for a woman's wardrobe. The fashion forward woman of today knows: Tall Is the New Black!

GuidoMaggi Women's Boots: fashion and height enhancement, beautifully done.

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Rio W

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Minsk W

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elevator shoes for women


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