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Price: 595 €

Up to 6 inches more to your height, in extreme comfort, thanks to this elevator boot with upper in black full-grain leather and super lightweight outsole.

Handcrafted, by the classic lines, for a biker look with an urban style, this boot will allow you to increase your height immediately but also your self-esteem and confidence.

Stivali rialzanti da 12 cm



elevator boots elevator boots elevator boots elevator boots elevator boots


Hi Emanuele!

Ok first of all - thank you for your kind reply - much appreciated.

I am sorry for all of the emails etc...

Good news - after 6 hours at customs and a lot of negotiating, I finally received the shoes - they are amaaaaaaazing!!! Once the customs officials saw the shoes - they wanted to keep them for themselves!!

Thank you for all your help - and I'll give you the address for the Dope shoes when I get to Montreal. I have leant my lesson with posting items to Argentina.

I will be in touch.

Many thanks


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